Buddy Exclusive Share Offer

You are here because you are a valued shareholder. Due to the recent institutional raise, we’re offering additional value to you at 2c/share for a limited time. Investors can participate with minimum purchase of $2,000 (100,000 shares) up to $30,000 (1,500,000 shares).

Details of Buddy’s current performance, its acquisition of global smarthome business, LIFX, and how to take advantage of this offer are below.




About Buddy Technologies


Buddy Technologies makes every space smarter by providing simple, affordable and engaging technology to transform lives at home and at work.

With customers around the world and a platform supporting over 2 million connected devices and services today, we know how to unleash the power of IoT for businesses and consumers alike. All solutions are built on top of our secure cloud, software and app solutions—from providing buildings with the ability to manage energy costs to enabling companies to build bespoke IoT solutions for their customers to giving the everyday consumer the ability to make their spaces brighter using LIFX.

We make it easy for people to gain insights and make smart decisions that positively impact their businesses, their communities, and their lives in the comfort of their own home.


Buddy Ohm

The built environment is complicated and, although we don’t often think about it, many buildings work against us instead of for us.

By installing Buddy Ohm—a complete and low cost solution for monitoring the consumption of key building resources—operators and tenants have the ability to monitor critical systems within their and drive down monthly resource spending. Our revenue-grade sensors track electricity, gas, water, temperature and solar power generation in real-time.

We’ve simplified resource monitoring so the buildings we occupy and the businesses that occupy them can work smarter.


Buddy Managed Services

The rise of connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), has provided a unique opportunity for businesses to use this emerging technology to provide engaging products and services to their customers; driving stronger business results. Many businesses, however, struggle with where to start or how to build the infrastructure to compete with this ever-growing market opportunity.

Buddy Technologies provides the guidance businesses need—whether that’s an out-of-the-box or bespoke solution or service, By leveraging our secure cloud, software solutions and apps, businesses can create and expedite their IoT strategy in a matter of months.

A business with a well-rooted IoT strategy can use data, advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to make smarter more efficient decisions.


About LIFX

Buddy makes spaces smarter.

Now with the addition of LIFX - the world’s most innovative mass market smart lighting brand - it makes spaces even brighter, in every sense of the word. LIFX reimagined lighting, launching the first Smart Light in 2012.

With a range of lights for indoor or outdoor, feature and fittings, no other smart light brand has a foothold in all these categories.

Consumer advocacy group CHOICE recommended every LIFX product they tested. Brightest, best colour reproduction, and easiest to use, LIFX truly leads the global pack.

A Bright Future


Following a highly successful IFA trade show and securing a massive contract with one of the leading consumer electronics retailer in the UK, LIFX is due for rapid expansion in Europe.


In the coming two quarters, LIFX will see the launch of at least EIGHT new products, including the “Candle Colour” with Polychrome Technology™, and a revolutionary app redesign.


Category growth: According to research firm IDC, smart lighting will command 11.8% of consumer IoT spend by 2023. IDC further predicts global sales of 830 million smart home devices in 2019, rising to 1.6 billion in 2023.


What They Say

Lifx launches new HomeKit switch, filament & white candelabra bulbs
The best color-changing smart bulbs.
LIFX Tile will light up your life with fun and games
— The Australian Financial Review
This Crazy Cool Smart Light Can Emit Many Colors At Once

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Frequently asked questions

What is the offer?

Buddy Technologies Limited is pleased to announce a Share Purchase Plan (SPP) to raise up to $5 million. Eligible shareholders have the opportunity to acquire up to A$30,000 worth of Shares at an offer price of $0.02 without incurring brokerage costs.

Due to very high interest, BUD’s initial placement rapidly oversubscribed to $6.1m. In addition to strong interest in the SPP Offer, the company reserves the right to reject or scale back applications under the SPP at its absolute discretion if applications exceed A$5m, thus the offer is first in, first served.

Offer is not underwritten, in conjunction with the placement, BUD’s board members and institutional investors are also participating in the SPP.

How do I apply?

Click on “Apply Now” button at the top of this page and you will be taken to LINK Market Services, where you will apply for the offer and submit your payment. 

Who is eligible to partake in the offer?

Registered shareholders as of 10 September 2019, with a registered address in Australia or New Zealand. 

What are the parcel sizes I can buy?

Parcels Subscription
Amount (A$)
Number of BUD
Ordinary Shares
Parcel A A$30,000 1,500,000
Parcel B A$25,000 1,250,000
Parcel C A$20,000 1,000,000
Parcel D A$15,000 750,000
Parcel E A$10,000 500,000
Parcel F A$5,000 250,000
Parcel G A$2,000 100,000

When will my shares be available?

October 29, 2019


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Please contact Buddy Technologies if you have any questions about this offer.

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